As NYC’s top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mojgan Fajiram is viewed by her clients and peers alike as an accomplished cosmetic dentist of surpassing skills. She has transformed her NYC cosmetic dentistry practice into a state-of-the-art dental destination, placing importance on patient satisfaction above everything else.



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    realself top doctor awardWelcome to Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry specializing in the best in class cosmetic dentistry in NYC. Our award-winning dental practice is located in Sutton Place – on the edge of the Upper East Side in Manhtattan. At Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry we believe that the best possible dental care should be available to everyone. We welcome new patients no matter how simple or complex your dental requirements are.

    At Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, located on the Upper East Side in NYCwe have designed our best in class NYC cosmetic dentistry practice so that our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible and leave feeling happy with their dental experience. We listen to our patient’s unique dental needs and work closely with them to deliver the best possible service. Our caring nature means that even the most nervous patients feel at ease with us and we regularly work with anxious patients.

    “I thought it would be impossible to do what you’ve done to my smile! I am so grateful; it has completely changed the way I feel about myself and has given me more confidence. I look and feel beautiful. I actually looked forward to going to the dentist. Best cosmetic dentist in NYC – hands down. ” ~ Google

    New safe and painless cosmetic dentistry techniques have been developed and are employed by the award-winning dentist, Dr. Mojgan Fajiram, DDS that will preserve your natural tooth structure and create amazing natural transformations in minimum time. Every step of treatment is undertaken with the utmost care, skill, and attention to detail. Our first-class service and relaxed and considerate approach ensure an enjoyable visit to the dentist. Dr. Mojgan Fajiram and her highly accomplished dental team specialize in taking exceptional care of each dental patient from the initial consultation through the post treatment period.

    My experience with the cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fajiram, has been nothing short of exceptional. She takes her time and is very patient no matter what. If you are considering getting porcelain veneers, this is the place to go.  Pain-free! She makes sure you walk out with a perfect smile that looks natural. Best of the best. ~ Google

    The honor and privilege of caring for our dental patients comes with the responsibility and dedication of the dentist’s team to the utmost standard of excellence in patient care and final outcome. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality in all dental procedures to ensure our patients’ complete satisfaction. Using state-of-the-art dental technology, we have improved thousands of smiles, and we want to do the same for you. Our NYC dental practice is committed to delivering contemporary cosmetic dentistry to correct, restore or enhance your smile. Whether you have a gap due to missing teeth or a smile that you are not happy with for whatever reason Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry will exceed your expectations.

    Cosmetic Dentistry Services Offered Include:

    Dental Bridges: A dental bridge is a dental device used to replace missing teeth. The bridge consists of a false tooth (which will be an exact match to the current color of your teeth) that is used to fill the gap created by missing tooth or teeth. The bridge attaches artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth.

    Dental ImplantsDental implants are an alternative to dentures and dental bridges. Dental implants are stronger and more durable than their restorative counterparts (bridges and dentures). Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss.

    Full Mouth Reconstruction: Full mouth reconstruction refers to restoring the entire dental patient’s mouth using multiple techniques such as porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants, bridges, etc. Our objective is to restore a natural looking smile with the functionality of your natural teeth.

    Inlays / OnlaysPatients who have suffered from tooth decay or trauma to their teeth could be ideal candidates for an Inlay or Onlay. This 1 visit dentistry procedure will restore your tooth with a Porcelain filling.

    Invisalign®: Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry is honored to be certified as an Invisalign® provider. Invisalign® can provide a dramatically improved appearance of one’s smile by invisibly moving teeth slowly with a series of clear aligners.

    Laser Teeth WhiteningAt Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry we will whiten your teeth by at least 8 shades with a safe FDA laser teeth whitening procedure using Zoom Advanced Power Laser Teeth Whitening. The entire teeth whitening procedure at our Upper East Side NYC practice takes less than 1 hour at our dental practice.

    Teeth Bonding: Tooth bonding will make your teeth appear straighter, close gaps, and correct imperfections in your smile. allows you to get rid of any dental imperfections without having to undergo lengthy treatment.

    TMJ TreatmentsAt Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in NYC we use T-scan and JVA analysis to help determine the level of care required. Our aim is to reduce the underlying causes and provide permanent relief. TMJ treatments are unique and vary from patient to patient.

    Porcelain CrownsPorcelain Crowns are one of the most routinely performed dental procedures offered by Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry on NYC’s Upper East Side. This dental procedure is performed in 1 visit at our dental practice.

    Porcelain VeneersThe Upper East Side NYC cosmetic dentist offers 2 Visit Dentistry for porcelain veneers. This means that you can have your porcelain veneers performed in two visits. For over 25 years, we have been considered the “go-to” cosmetic dental practice for this treatment.

    Sleep Apnea ScreeningWe provide sleep apnea treatment services utilizing state-of-the-art scientific technology and expertise in the diagnosis of sleep problems. This is combined with a comprehensive medical and dental package that is individually tailored for every patient.

    We welcome any questions that you may have so please drop us an email or phone us to arrange a consultation with one of our best in class cosmetic dentists and take the first step toward enjoying the confidence a great smile brings. For more information or to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our NYC (Upper East Side, Manhattan) office please feel free to contact us:

    Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry
    Mojgan Fajiram, DDS
    400 East 56th Street
    New York, New York 10022
    (212) 751-5665