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Dental Implants NYC

Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry offers the highest quality dental implants in NYC (located in Manhattan, Midtown East, a block from the Upper East Side). We will place an implant and a temporary crown in just one day! Dr. Fajiram and Dr. Monahemi share 35+ years of cumulative experience in dental implantation. Known for their work on “celebrity smiles”, their passion drives them to provide high quality care for the health and beauty of their patients’ smiles. The treatment is painless and stress-free thanks to medically induced sleep.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are made of medical titanium, replacing the root of a missing tooth. An abutment (transitional element) is screwed onto it, on which the crown is fixed. It restores the visible part of the tooth. The crown is made of E-max or zirconia ceramics. An implant with a crown restores the function of a lost tooth, and makes your smile aesthetically appealing.
Dental implants schema

Dr. Fajiram & Dr. Monahemi

Specialists in Dental Implants We take pride in offering a cutting-edge approach that allows us to place an implant and a temporary crown on the same day. This means that our patients no longer need to worry about having a missing tooth for an extended period while waiting for the implant to heal. After the implant is strategically placed, we immediately provide a temporary crown, which is carefully crafted to fit and function seamlessly in the patient’s mouth.
Specialists in Dental Implants
This innovative technique provides our patients with the confidence of a restored and complete smile from day one.

Before & After – Dental Implants

Description: This patient presented with a missing front tooth, which posed a significant aesthetic and functional concern. Upon examination, it was determined that there was insufficient bone to support a dental implant, making traditional implant restoration unsuitable.
Treatment: To address the issue, our dental team recommended a handcrafted bridge. The treatment involved preparing the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap to serve as abutments for the bridge. Impressions were taken to create an accurate mold, and the patient’s bi

Result: The skilled ceramists at our dental boutique meticulously crafted a custom bridge, matching the color, shape, and contours of the patient’s natural teeth. Once the bridge was ready, it was precisely placed and permanently fixed to the prepared abutment teeth. The result was a seamless smile restoration that not only filled the gap but also enhanced the patient’s overall appearance and lip support. With the beautiful bridge in place, the patient’s confidence soared, as they could now smile and speak without any self-consciousness about the missing tooth. The handcrafted bridge provided a durable and aesthetic solution, allowing the patient to enjoy a beautiful and functional smile for years to come.


Ian Groh

I’ve been going to Mojgan Fajiram, DDS for the last 12 years and couldn’t imagine myself going elsewhere for my dental care in NYC. Dr. Fajiram and her staff are absolutely the best and the office staff is as good as it gets. They always get me in and out on time and getting an appointment is quite easy. ~ Link

Jessica Scialdone

Simply the best of the best. Going to the dentist isn’t generally something you’d imagine looking forward to, but if you have the experience of meeting Dr Fajiram and her daughter, Sheila, you’ll realize it’s just that. I’ve never felt like I was in better hands and would highly recommend it to anybody looking to improve their smile.  ~ Link

What are the benefits to Dental Implants?

100% functionality

The implant works like a natural tooth. You will not have food restrictions.

New teeth look like their own.

Crowns practically do not differ from natural teeth in shape and color.

Lifetime Durability

We proper care, they will last you a lifetime.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Consider Dental Implant treatment if:
  • your tooth is not subject to treatment, extraction is indicated;
  • you are missing one or more teeth;
  • most of your the teeth are lost;
  • all your teeth are missing.
Before installing dental implants, it is necessary to eliminate relative contraindications to implantation. This involves removing plaque with calculus, treating teeth with caries, and stopping inflammation.

Dental Implants – Treatment Process

1. Diagnostics

A physical examination of the patient is carried out, and a treatment plan is drawn up. Their medical history is collected, and absolute contraindications are excluded.

2. 3D modeling

Each step of the operation is drawn up in a computer program. The model of the implant and placement location is selected.

3. Sanitation of the oral cavity

Any foci of inflammation / infection are eliminated. This provides conditions of sterility in the oral cavity.

4. Implant placement

Under local anesthesia (sedation or general anesthesia is possible), the implant is screwed into the jawbone without pain.

5. Fixation of the crown

A temporary crown is attached to the implant. It is replaced with a permanent one made of ceramic or zirconium after the implantation of the artificial root into the bone.

Cost of Dental Implants

Each clinical case is individual. Therefore, the cost of dental implantation depends on various factors, including: amount of preparatory procedures, amount of implants requiring placement, and the material of the crowns.

Our Dental Laboratory

Our in-house dental laboratory with an experienced master ceramist allows us to involve patients in the design and fabrication of porcelain crowns, ensuring the final product matches their exact vision and expectations.

We use modern technologies for the best results

CT Scan

We use the latest generation CT scanner to obtain important diagnostic data:
  • thickness, height, density of bone tissue in the area of ​​the missing tooth;
  • the presence of hidden inflammatory processes, diseases;
  • the location of the maxillary sinuses, the trigeminal mandibular and maxillary nerve, blood vessels.
CT data is loaded into a special computer program, where the operation process is simulated. The human factor is excluded, the risk of making a mistake and developing complications is reduced to zero.

iTero Element 5D Intraoral Scanner

This advanced scanning technology enables us to conduct in-depth diagnostics of various dental aspects, including tooth wear, tooth movement, and infrared detection of caries. By incorporating such cutting-edge tools, we can provide our patients with comprehensive and precise assessments, leading to more accurate treatment planning and better outcomes for their oral health and cosmetic dental procedures.

JVA Analysis

Computerized technology to detect the slightest changes in the work of the temporomandibular joint, as well as occlusion disorders. Allows you to diagnose the underlying causes of dental problems at the neuromuscular level.


With this advanced system, we can perform all procedures in the same day. This includes precise scanning, design, and milling of a tooth. This revolutionary process not only reduces the number of visits our patients need but also eliminates the inconvenience of wearing temporary restorations. By offering same-day solutions, we ensure our patients experience faster and more efficient dental treatments, all while maintaining the highest quality and personalized results.

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