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The top rated best in class team at Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry (located in Midtown East, steps from the Upper East Side) offers full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction refers to restoring the entire dental patient’s mouth using multiple techniques such as porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, dental implants, dental bridges, etc. Our objective is to restore a natural looking smile with the functionality of your natural teeth. 

The term “full mouth reconstruction” refers to a combination of cosmetic dental treatments and procedures to restore the structure, function, health, and appearance of your teeth, gums, and jaw. A reconstruction of the mouth strives to remove all of your tooth decay, old fillings and old dental crowns while improving your bite position. Everyone’s facial anatomy and jaw movements are different so every dental patient needs a different bite position to idealize their health and comfort.

At Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in NYC (Midtown East steps from the Upper East Side), our top rated cosmetic dentistry team develops individualized treatment plans based on your specific full mouth reconstruction. We strive to give you back the confidence you desire by providing exceptional dental work in a professional manner.

Full mouth rehabilitation is the term for the total rejuvenation of your oral health. Our goals are to:

  • Eliminate active dental decay and gum disease.
  • Rebuild teeth that have been weakened by previous disease and fillings.
  • Improve the appearance of teeth and gums.
  • Restore function so you can eat without discomfort or embarrassment.
  • Replace missing teeth.
  • Provide a long-term maintenance program.
  • Significantly improve your health and well-being.
  • Create a beautiful white smile.

A good candidate for full mouth reconstruction is anyone who has discomfort from dental issues and desires a beautiful aesthetic result. After a comprehensive evaluation with radiographs, Dr. Fajiram, with her experience and attention to detail, will recommend and discuss appropriate treatment.

Full mouth reconstruction can solve many dental issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, overly crowded teeth, gum erosion, chipped teeth, uneven teeth, misaligned teeth, dental caries, missing teeth, worn teeth and cracked teeth.

Although each patient is different, full mouth reconstruction typically involves two or more of the following procedures:

  • Dental implants or dental bridges to replace missing teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers to cover worn down, misshapen, or discolored teeth.
  • Crowns to protect severely damaged teeth.
  • Tooth-colored fillings, inlays or onlays to treat cavities or to replace worn unsightly metal fillings.
  • Orthodontics such as Invisalign to correct bite or alignment problems.

We work with you to achieve the best possible results. Should there be any concerns or if there is simply something that you are unsure of, we welcome that you ask as many questions as you need before making a final decision. We will explain everything to you step by step as we work towards your dream smile.

We welcome any questions that you may have so please drop us an email or phone us to arrange a consultation with one of our best in class cosmetic dentists and take the first step toward enjoying the confidence a great smile brings. For more information or to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our NYC (Upper East Side, Manhattan) office please feel free to contact us:

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