Dr. Fajiram immediately made me feel comfortable, answered all of my questions and made the entire process effortless and even enjoyable.  Dr. Fajiram is an artist, a professional, and completely understands how to accomplish the most beautiful esthetic results.  Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry made getting veneers so easy — I have already referred 15 of my friends to Dr. Fajiram to make their smiles whiter and brighter!  If you have ever thought about getting veneers, give them a call and ask for a consultation.  You will thank me later 😉 ~ YELP

What an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Mojgan Fajiram and her team.  From the moment I walked through the door Dr. Fajiram made me feel comfortable and confident.  ~ Google

Exceptional job. Beautiful office. Staff was knowledgeable and very welcoming ~ Google

Best experience I’ve ever had! I hate going to the dentist but Dr. Fajiram and her staff made it so easy and comfortable for me to always want to go back. Beautiful environment as well. Highly recommended! ~ Google

Dr. Mojgan is an absolute angel, and that’s an big understatement. She’s always looking out for your best interest and well-being. Truthfully, I’ve always been devastated from dentists in general, yet the ambiance she and her team built is very comfortable and supportive, and I look forward to going each and every time. I couldn’t be happier and I HIGHLY recommend her. There’s a reason she’s New York City’s best cosmetic dentist year-in and year-out.  ~ Google

There are many positive aspects to this cosmetic dentist office. First is the modern facilities, the space is designed to make you feel comfortable and calm. The color palette is mostly earth tones which is a great choice for a spa like setting. Besides that the staff is friendly and welcoming and the dental hygienist I see all the time Sheri is fantastic. I love chatting with her before my cleanings because it puts me at ease and then once I’m going through the cleaning her approach makes the whole process more bearable. If needed the dentists are available to review more serious cases. ~Google

Dr. Mojgan Fajiram is dedicated to providing excellent patient service; her work is of consistently high quality often exceeding expectations. Her work has a very special component which is the utmost care and compassion for her patients. The office is a spa like environment and provides a calming effect on the patient. The high tech office utilizing digital film and an on site machine that produces crowns and fillings while you wait. Dr. Fajiram closely attends to every detail of your care and post care needs.It is a pleasure to meet a professional so dedicated and committed to her patients. ~ Google

“Simply put…the best experience I have ever had at the dentist. Rock stars of the dental world!!'” ~ SmileReminder

A job well done! My search was worth it when I found a cosmetic dentist; Mojgan Fajiram. After consulting with her about correcting my chipped front teeth, she went over everything with me as to how she was going to approach my request. I was hesitant (a bit) and nervous, but she was patient and very professional alleviating my concerns. Within a week I was looking at an exquisite smile. I also want to say she had a very accommodating staff. ~Google

I love Dr. Fajiram and her staff. She did my veneers almost 8 years ago and they still look natural and absolutely amazing. The office is always prompt and efficient. The cleanings are the best ever. I recommend her to everyone for all dental issues not only cosmetic. ~ Google

The office is lovely, not the conventional cold dentist office, far from it actually. I have never been so reassured and comforted about my concerns as I have been since starting my treatment at Sutton Advanced. Dr. Fajiram is the one of the most patient and charismatic dentists I’ve ever met. She answers every question in full detail all while totally alleviating all worries and concerns. I adore her! Christina is the first person who greets you and she is truly amazing in her own right. She’s the type of person that you wish could greet you in person and by phone everywhere you go. I cancelled and rescheduled my initial appointment to get started so many times because of fear and not once was I made to feel pressured or bad about my concerns. I just started my treatment so I have many visits ahead. I’m actually looking forward to them. Who says that about going to the dentist! I couldn’t be happier with my experience at this office.” ~ Google

“Dr . Fajiran , is beyond the best dentist in USA! An amazing artist that is gifted to create beautiful smiles!!  She is a million stars!! It is a truly a honor to be her patient . I highly recommend Dr. Fajiran !!!” ~ Facebook

“2nd time visiting Sutton Place Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, and meeting with Dr. Fajiram. Both experiences have been great. Wasn’t sure what to expect, as I’ve had the same dentist my entire life back home in Michigan, but the facility is clean and Dr. Fajiram and her team are great, and make you feel at home. Got a cleaning, fixed a chipped tooth, and fixed a couple fillings. Great experience, great facility.” ~ YELP

I switched from a different dentist to Dr. Fajiram, and I can honestly say it was the best decision! Instantly, she and her entire staff made me feel so comfortable. I got a veneer done by her, and I am so happy with it! People are shocked when I tell them it is not my actual tooth. In addition to her amazing work, she was also so friendly and actually made me excited to go to the dentist! I am so happy and thankful I found her, and I am now so much happier with my smile because of her. ~ Google

“Dr. Mojgon Fajiram is the best dentist in the world. Her office is beautiful, clean, and so calming. Dr. Fajiram is a true artist- she has an amazing eye. She keeps your teeth beautiful both medically sound and cosmetically gorgeous. I have never left her having any pain at all. Her hygienist is also the best I have ever used. Making the switch to this office is the best move anyone can make.. On a scale of 1-10… She is 100. I truly love her!” ~ YELP

“Dr. Fajiram and her staff is amazing – very kind and helpful. Would highly recommend.” ~ YELP

“It’s really hard to put the words ‘dentist’, ‘pleasant’ and ‘enjoyable’ in the same sentence when reviewing a dentist, but my most recent visit to Mojgan Fajiram;s office was both pleasant and enjoyable. Dr. Fajiram walked into the exam room full of joy and she is genuinely one of the most astute dentists I have yet to come across. She was super informative and not just some fabrication of what is actually going to happen. Before my cleaning, she gave me the remote with the list of channels so I could watch TV on the state of the art TV on my chair, while I was getting my teeth cleaned. Before I knew it, my cleaning was done, and I hadn’t even watched a whole episode of 24 yet. This experience was so much different than any dentist visit in the past that I’ve experienced. I don’t like to schedule dentist visits in advance, but this past visit was so pleasurable that I made my next appointment right away. She is just incredible!!” ~ Google

“From the moment you enter the office you feel relaxed by the warm staff and lack of that clove odor that many dentist offices have. There’s a pitcher of water and tea for you enjoy while you wait. I used to hate going to the dentist and now I know I’ll be taken care of by the best in their profession and I have less anxiety. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation to the entire staff! “~ YELP

“I have been coming for many years and am always very happy with the wonderful quality of care, friendliness and professionalism of the staff.” ~ SmileReminder

“It was great!! Love the location, it’s right near my job on the Upper East Side. The staff is very professional and friendly. I just can’t wait to go back for my next cleaning! Thanks again!” ~ SmileReminder

Dr. Fajram has been my dentist for several years and I have had a very positive experience whenever I went for treatment. I love that she employs the latest cutting edge technology in dentistry, and is very knowledgeable in her field and understanding of patients’ needs. Her rates are reasonable compared to other cosmetic dentists in Manhattan and she does not offer more treatments than necessary. Sherri the hygienist is also wonderful and very detail-oriented in her cleaning. She always takes the time to let me know techniques of brushing to protect my teeth and gums. The paraffin wax treatment for my hands is always an added bonus. Thank you! ~ Google

“Dr Fajiram is hands down the best dentist in NYC – she is awesome, so profoundly talented, gifted, caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Fajiram’s treatment plan is always appropriate, thoughtful and well executed, and despite having repeat dental issues, I have literally never been even slightly uncomfortable in her chair. She is truly a master in her field. I actually enjoy going to the dentist only because my dentist is Dr. Fajiram.” ~ SmileReminder

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