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Porcelain crowns are commonly recommended by the cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mojgan Farjam, to protect a tooth against fracture or further breaking, to adequately restore tooth function, and extend the life of a tooth

Porcelain crowns cover the entire surface of a tooth whereas porcelain veneers only cover the visible outside surface of the tooth.

“2nd time going to Dr. Fajiram. Both experiences have been great. Wasn’t sure what to expect at a NYC dental office, as I’ve had the same dentist my entire life back home in Michigan, but the facility is spotless, state of the art, and Dr. Fajiram and her team are great (including the price) and make you feel at home. I got a cleaning, fixed a chipped tooth, got a porcelain crown, and fixed a couple of fillings, and ultimately had teeth whitening. Great experience, great facility. Positive painless dental experience, high-tech office. and definitely know and feel as if I am in the hands of a knowledgeable dentist who had my best interests .” ~ YELP

What Are Your Other Options Besides A Crown

The alternative to having a porcelain crown may be a dental filling (this will depend on your unique case). It is important for you to understand that a filling does not prevent you from the possibility of needing a crown in the future. If a large portion of your tooth needs a filling it really is a better solution to elect a porcelain crown because fillings do not give you the same level of protection as crowns do. The NYC cosmetic dentist will thoroughly discuss all your dental options during your consultation.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns Include

  • Correct discolored and misshapen teeth
  • Restore dental implants
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • Secure dental bridges
  • Support and restore large cavities between teeth
  • Restore broken or worn down teeth
  • Can be performed in one visit
  • Aesthetic beauty (unnoticeable)
  • Strong & durable
  • Supports a tooth that has been badly damaged by tooth decay
  • Restores a tooth after a root canal therapy
  • Is a superior solution for a severely cracked or broken tooth / teeth
  • Add length or width to misshapen teeth

Our goal at Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry is to create a natural looking smile, tooth durability, and strength. Aesthetically, crowns narrow tooth gaps, provide a whiter smile and decrease teeth crowding.

Please note: Using porcelain is also a great option for patients with a metal allergy because they are entirely non-allergic.

Our best in class NYC cosmetic dentist recommends teeth crowns only for replacement of pre-existing crowns and when tooth bonding or porcelain veneers cannot be supported by a broken tooth. The cosmetic dentist may also provide a crown placing it on top of a dental implant, providing you with a new replacement tooth.

We welcome any questions pertaining to porcelain crowns that you may have so please drop us an email or phone us to arrange a consultation and take the first step to enjoying the confidence a great smile brings.

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