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Pain Free Dentistry

At Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in NYC we want to eliminate the fear of dental pain and alleviate common fears of the dentist and give everyone the confidence that a visit to the dentist can be fast and painless. Without the fear of pain, we believe our patients will feel more comfortable pursuing the routine care that is essential to a beautiful and healthy smile! We focus on offering our patients “gold standard” dental technology so that we can obtain the best results possible including Biolase Laser® pain-free dentistry. Our Bolase Laser equipment allows the dentist, Mojgan Fajiram, DDS, to achieve the goals of our patients without using drills, manual cutting, shots, and local anesthesia.  The latest advancement in dentistry is the use of the dental laser. Our laser dental technology allow us to contour bones, perform root canals, remove cavities, remove lesions & sores, and offer periodontal care without shots, drilling and cutting. Laser dentistry lets us raise the standard – resulting in less discomfort and pain with a quick recovery for all our dental patients. There are several benefits to receiving a laser therapy dental treatment.
  • Quick recovery time, no anesthesia with most laser treatments.
  • Treatments are more comfortable.
  • Decreased chance of bacterial infection with laser.
There are two different types of laser dentistry: hard tissue and soft tissue. Hard tissue includes treatments such as dental fillings, cavity detection, and tooth sensitivity improvements. Soft tissue treatments include gum surgery, gum reshaping, and muscle attachment improvements. Procedures such as regenerating nerves, removing benign oral tumors, whitening teeth, overcoming sleep apnea, and treating TMD are also considered laser dentistry treatments. Benefits of Biolase Laser (Pain Free Dentistry)
  • Painless
  • No need for numbing (local anesthesia)
  • 3D pain free X-rays
  • Quick recovery time
  • No additional cost
  • More precise
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Safe for use in patients of all ages
  • Fewer visits to the dentist
  • Reduction of damage to healthy parts of the teeth and minimizes trauma to the area
To provide patients with a more comfortable dental experience, we have incorporated laser therapy into our dentistry. BIOLASE Laser therapy technology is advancing dentistry because it delivers a precise treatment that it more comfortable, quicker, and delivers more impressive results. How Does Biolase Laser Pain Free Dentistry Work The Biolase laser combines atomized water with laser energy resulting in hydrokinetic energy. The laser gently removes tissue, soft tissue and tooth enamels with no pain. Whereas the traditional dental drilling procedure uses friction to treat the affected areas, the Biolase Laser system uses a combination of air and water to treat the targeted tooth, bone, or tissue. Highly concentrated beams of light (lasers) are delivered to the treatment area via a hand-piece. We welcome any questions pertaining to pain-free laser dentistry that you may have so please drop us an email or phone us to arrange a consultation and take the first step to enjoying the confidence a great smile brings.  Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Mojgan Fajiram, DDS 400 East 56th St. Suite 1 New York, NY 10022 (212) 751-5665

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