We want others to remember us and recognize us for attributes like our friendly personality, a beautiful smile or trendy style. Unfortunately, there are some people who are most known for their bad breath. When breath odor is strong, it can sabotage the attractive features you want to portray. Stinky breath is an offensive trait that can make it difficult for others to notice your pretty set of teeth or feel welcomed with your friendly voice. While bad breath can be an unavoidable occurrence after eating garlic or onions, if it becomes persistent and even chronic, it needs to be addressed. Has halitosis become one of your traits? Let us help at Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry.

What Causes Halitosis?

Breath mints may only temporarily mask your bad breath. In fact, chronic use of peppermints could actually be making your problem worse. This is because bad breath most often develops when there is excessive bacteria in your mouth. The more sugars you eat, the more your bacteria feeds and breeds. The leading cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. This can include not brushing twice a day or not brushing for the full two minutes. In many cases, however, recurring bad breath occurs when patients fail (or forget) to brush their tongue. The moist and dark grooves of your tongue can harbor millions of bacteria, so it is important to brush all surfaces of your tongue twice a day. Untreated gum disease is another culprit to bad breath. Since periodontal disease is an infection within your oral soft tissues, it makes sense that the bacteria buildup can put off some foul-smelling odors over time. If your bad breath is accompanied by red, swollen, bleeding or receding gums, you need to see your dentist for gum disease therapy promptly. Halitosis may not be within your control. For example, patients who are taking certain medications can experience side effects of a dry mouth. When the mouth is dry, there is less saliva to rinse away the buildup of stinky bacteria and food debris. Consequently, a dry mouth is a common contributor to bad breath. Stress, hunger, hormonal changes, digestion, and metabolic dysfunction are other potential causes of halitosis that may be hard to fix.

Refresh Your Smile With Us

At Sutton advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe that everyone deserves a confident smile. This means having a smile that is not only attractive, but also fresh and healthy! Don’t let bad breath sabotage the beauty of your smile or the personality behind your smile. Call our office today for halitosis treatment.