Are you looking to transform your smile with veneers but worried about the pain? What does a patient really feel during and after this cosmetic restoration?

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Is Dental Veneer Placement Painful?

What can I expect to feel during the preparation process? Preparing the enamel is a painless procedure. The enamel layer of the tooth does not contain nerve endings. To ensure the patients comfort during the procedure, the dentist administers local anesthesia and may use sedation if the patient is particularly anxious. This allows the patient to undergo the procedure without feeling stressed or anxious. Removing a thin layer of enamel is a necessary step. It is necessary to create enough space for veneer attachment and seamless fitting (0.3-0.5 mm). Such a close fit ensures the veneers have a natural appearance on the teeth. After preparing the tooth, the dentist takes individual impressions, which are sent to our in-house laboratory for the creation of the permanent veneer. While the permanent veneer is being crafted (which takes about 2 weeks), the patient wears temporary veneers. These serve not only to maintain aesthetics but also to prevent discomfort. After the preparation, the enamel level on the tooth’s surface is reduced, which can cause temporary sensitivity to cold and heat. If unpleasant sensations persist, the dentist may prescribe pain-relief medications.

Does veneer placement hurt?

The placement process does not cause pain

The dentist removes the temporary restorations and attaches the permanent ceramic veneers to the prepared surface using special adhesive. Some slight discomfort may occur at this stage, but anesthesia is not required.

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Will my teeth hurt with veneers?

No, teeth do not hurt after veneer placement. Sensitivity to temperature gradually diminishes with each passing day. Unpleasant sensations are most noticeable in the first 10-14 days. The shape and structure of the teeth change after preparation and veneer installation. Hence, teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth need time to adapt. With time, all sensations subside, and patients get used to the new structure, often forgetting that they underwent restoration.

General Impressions of Veneers

Most patients report that the placement of veneers is not accompanied by pain.
They experience only discomfort during the enamel preparation stage, which is more psychological than physical. Overcoming this stage, they all note that the results are worth the temporary discomfort. Veneers can boost self-confidence, and give you that Hollywood smile quickly and painlessly!
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