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Porcelain crowns are one of the most routinely performed cosmetic dental procedures offered by Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in NYC (conveniently located in Midtown East close to the Upper East Side). Porcelain crowns are commonly recommended by the cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mojgan Fajiram, to protect a tooth against fracture or further damage. Porcelain dental crowns can adequately restore tooth function and extend the life of a tooth, while providing a beautiful appearance that matches your other teeth.


Porcelain crowns cover the entire surface of a tooth, fitting over the tooth like a “cap.” Dental crowns are recommended when the entire tooth needs protection, unlike fillings, inlays or onlays that only protect or cover part of the tooth. Dental crowns are used after major dental treatments such as root canals or extensive decay removal. They can also be used to repair broken teeth or as part of a dental restoration like a dental implant.


When you need to repair a damaged or decayed tooth, a dental crown may be the best option. Many dentists require multiple visits to apply a dental crown. A mold is taken of the tooth, which is sent to a dental lab. This can take a few weeks to complete, with a temporary crown in place in the meantime.

At Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, our state-of-the-art dental center in Manhattan creates our beautiful porcelain crowns on-site. You can have your tooth repaired with a color-matched, white crown in one visit. No uncomfortable molds or temporary crowns are needed – you will walk out with your new crown in place the same day! Other benefits of our crowns include:

  • Correct discolored and misshapen teeth
  • Restore dental implants
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • Secure dental bridges
  • Support and restore large cavities between teeth
  • Restore broken or worn down teeth
  • Can be performed in one visit
  • Aesthetic beauty (unnoticeable)
  • Strong & durable
  • Supports a tooth that has been badly damaged by tooth decay
  • Restores a tooth after a root canal therapy
  • Is a superior solution for a severely cracked or broken tooth / teeth
  • Add length or width to misshapen teeth

Our goal at Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry is to create a natural looking smile, tooth durability and strength. Aesthetically, crowns narrow tooth gaps, provide a whiter smile and decrease teeth crowding. Using porcelain is also a great option for patients with a metal allergy because no metal is used in our dental crowns.

My 2nd time going to Dr. Fajiram. Both experiences have been great. Wasn’t sure what to expect at a NYC dental office, as I’ve had the same dentist my entire life back home in Michigan, but the facility is spotless, state of the art, and Dr. Fajiram and her team are great (including the price) and make you feel at home. I got a cleaning, fixed a chipped tooth, got a porcelain crown, and fixed a couple of fillings and ultimately had teeth whitening. Great experience, great facility. Positive painless dental experience, high-tech office. and definitely know and feel as if I am in the hands of a knowledgeable dentist who had my best interests.

We welcome any questions pertaining to our same day porcelain crowns. Drop us an email or phone us to arrange a consultation and take the first step to enjoying the confidence a great smile brings. For more information or to schedule a porcelain crowns consultation with our world-class NYC cosmetic dentist, please feel free to contact us:

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I thought it would be impossible to do what you’ve done to my smile! I am so grateful; it has completely changed the way I feel about myself and has given me more confidence. I look and feel beautiful. I actually looked forward to going to the dentist. Best cosmetic dentist in NYC – hands down.
My experience with the cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fajiram, has been nothing short of exceptional. She takes her time and is very patient no matter what. If you are considering getting porcelain veneers, this is the place to go. Pain-free! She makes sure you walk out with a perfect smile that looks natural. Best of the best.

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We welcome any questions that you may have so please contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our best in class cosmetic dentists and take the first step toward enjoying the confidence a great smile brings.

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